Commitment To Quality

Our Qualified technicians have well maintained a quality which gives a better life to your vehicle. Here at Short Trip we are committed to providing quality fuel to your vehicle.

At Short Trip, we consider everyone like family. That’s why we’re committed to providing our valuable customer with only the safest and most reliable gasoline and diesel fuel available.

We’re dedicated to using only authorized oil company’s dealer truck fleet for transporting fuel whenever possible because we want to make sure that the quality fuel we start with is the same quality fuel arriving at our stores.

Not only that, but when you pull up to the pump, you’ll get what you pay for because we calibrate each of our pumps annually at a minimum.

  • cleansing additives as required by the EPA
  • Ethanol parament accordingly
  • Not to damage your vehicle engine
  • Only authorized refineries dealers
  • Using private fleet/truck
  • Value of money